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Gili Air is a small island with no motorized transport. Only horse-carts and pedal bikes are allowed. It can be circumvented on foot in roughly 1.5 hours. There are no paved roads, just more or less sandy paths. It has a village with a local population at its center, plus numerous accommodation options, restaurants, cafes, bars, dive centers and shops dotted around the island.

Gili Air is part of the famous ‘the Gilis’ trio of Air, Meno and Trawangan. It is located in the Bali sea, between Bali and Lombok, a 10-minute (speed)boat ride from the Lombok shore.

Yes. Rainy season is roughly from October/November to February/March. That being said, weather patterns are so unpredictable theses days, that it might well be very dry during rainy season or a spot of rain during dry season. Generally, rainy season in Gili Air, means sunshine in the morning, clouds forming at lunchtime and some rain in the late afternoon/early evening. Very rarely does it rain all day.

We are very lucky that Gili Air enjoys a favourable holiday climate all year round. There is always activity and it is never ‘dead’. The Wallace Line runs between Bali and the Gilis, which means the Gilis are actually located on the Australian tectonic plate, giving them a much drier climate than Bali.

Enjoying being out of a city, surrounded by nature at its best. If this is not enough then there is snorkelling on a fish and turtle teaming reef, 20m off the Sunrise beach. Glasbottom boat turtle snorkeling trips. Diving with a reputable dive company. Stand up paddling, kayaking, Subwing, Yoga. Enjoying good food and drink, on the beach, under the stars. Partying with occasional festivals. Walking barefoot in the sand. Swinging in hammocks, reading books...chillin' out! Watching the Sun and Moon rise over Lombok's impressive Mt. Rinjani, watching the Sun setting over Bali's conical Agung. Enjoying the Sun, the gentle waves and the turquoise sea…

Gili Air is 1 km from Lombok's Northwest coast, therefore you can have return day trips to explore waterfalls, mountain scenery, and local handicraft markets in central Lombok, and more.

Yes. At the moment there are 6x ATM’s on the island.

Fly to Bali. From Bali: There are numerous fast boat companies who operate direct boat transfers to Gili Air from either Padang Bai or Serangan in Bali. Alternatively you can take a 20 minute flight from Bali to Lombok, operated by either Garuda Airlines or Lion Air. For the very adventurous, there is also a ferry transfer between Bali and Lombok, which takes roughly 6 hours.

Fly to Lombok: From Lombok airport you need to make your way to one of the harbours near the Gilis, either the public harbor Bangsal, or to our private harbor at Teluk Kodek for private transport via speedboat. The car ride from Lombok Airport to Teluk Kodek or Bangsal is roughly 1.5 hours. From Bangsal you can take a public boat over to Gili Air.

For ease of travel we can arrange your transfer from Lombok airport straight to Sunrise via car and speedboat at a cost of USD $100 for maximum 3 adults and 1 small child

Most Fastboat companies offer online ticket sales. If you are in Bali, you will find many travel outlets, which sell fast boat tickets to the Gilis as well.

Sunrise is a maximum 10-minute walk away by foot from the harbor. If you have luggage please take one of the horsecart (cidomo) taxis to Sunrise. The cost is RP100,000 per cidomo. We cannot arrange cidomo pick up for you, as sadly there is no reliable service for arranged transport on the island.

Yes, we have many family options. Please check the detailed room descriptions.

Yes, we offer a dedicated 4MB fibre optic wifi network for our guests. This is the best wifi connection on the island. We spend a lot of money to make the internet as useable as possible for our guests. That being said, there are still ups and downs in connection, as we are dependent on Lombok, which is still a very developing island that is behind Bali in terms of technology.

Yes, we offer individualized honeymoon or birthday or pamper packages. Please let us know what you are thinking off and we will try our best to make it possible.

We rent out the sundeck for exclusive use for (wedding) parties for a limited agreed timeframe. At this time we do not have any ministry service or other wedding arrangements or planning service.

We are known to make the best birthday cakes on the island. We have various size options available. Please inform us minimum a day before in advance.

Yes, we have a number of vegetarian dishes on our menu. Please have a look at our downloadable menu under Eat & Drink.

We do our best to cater to specific allergies if you inform us clearly and timely. However, please do remember that Gili Air is not Bali and the options here are much more limited.

Please do not come to Gili Air if you are looking for a 21st century city escape on a remote island. Remember always where and what Gili Air is. It’s a very small island, where everything needs to be brought over from Lombok or Bali, including food, water, electricity or other supplies.

Lombok itself is still a very developing island, that has much less modern comforts, foods and availabilities than Bali. Therefore things can be out of stock, wifi can be up and down and electricity might be off for 5 minutes before our generator starts to work. Your holiday bungalow, however comfy it is, still stands within raw nature with no roads with tarmac. So a tiny gecko might find its way in, and our housekeeping team, who is very good and trying their best, might miss it for 24 hours.

Don’t be disheartened by this. It is what makes the Gilis what they are, a holiday paradise where you can truly switch off and get back to what really matters in life.