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Our History

  • 1992

    The Story began...

    The story of Sunrise started with a phrase, “Don’t Dream it…Do it” in 1990.

    Whilst travelling around the Indonesian archipelago in January 1992 a young Scottish lad set foot upon Gili Air. The island’s magic was over-whelming and after two weeks of indulging in its raw and powerful nature, he knew he would return…3 months later, at the age of 22, previous local friendships helped kick start Sunrise’s creation.

    ..what followed was an eclectic development driven by the progressive acquisition of local licences. A small bungalow was handcrafted by a local builder. Staff quarters were added, with a more permanent restaurant to follow. A “Pondok Licence” for five bungalows was granted. Looking to Lombok for inspiration the Local Rice barn (Lumbung) tradition was converted and transformed into a tourist initiative. The first room was completed in 1995, and still stands today having been re-thatched and renovated when required. Over the next 4 years four more rooms, in the same relaxed “Lumbung” style were added.

  • "We`re the first, in the Gili`s to use the original and traditional Lombok, Lumbung style."

  • Sunrise has “organically” grown since its inception, 25 years ago.

    Along the way, the Scottish lad became a Dad with his German Frau. Having left Sunrise in the hands of unfortunate mismanagement, this creative family team returned in 2014 to bring Sunrise into a new, adventurous, family-friendly future. With a choice of two-storey suites and comfortable, private, single-storey, adjoining rooms with A/C and hot, fresh water. Perfect for singles, couples, families and small groups.

    In 2009, what was our restaurant became the 3 bedroom Villa Taba. Our pools were added in 2013.

    Our restaurant moved beachfront and in October 2015 we added our speciality BBQ of a variety of fresh local seafood and quality, imported meat fayre that’s hard to beat. Running alongside our finely tuned A La Carte menu (for Kids and adults alike), a Patisserie to die for, and a fine selection of imported wines at affordable prices. All to be served on the Beach, Sundeck, Lobby, Restaurant or Poolside, wherever you choose to relax and enjoy.

  • Over the last years, tourism, increasingly driven by the allure of “The Escapist Gili Lifestyle”; where car and motorbike are exchanged for horse-cart, bicycle and foot, has grown exponentially. We try our best to keep up with an increasing demand of services, often restricted by external infrastructure issues. Even so, we do have a fiber optic connection, regularly updated, CCTV, and fresh water as of October 2016.

  • Over the years we have made significant contributions to the local economy through employment, training and encouragement of local initiatives. We are very proud of our team! We have many new faces and smiles to meet, greet and take care of your needs.

    With future renovations of our older rooms and planned additional quality accomodation and services, we hope to cater for a truly memorable Gili experience, that`ll remain happily embellished in your soul until your return journey.

    The Story Continues...